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A New Platform to Get Your Essentials

Welcome to our new (work in progress) website! Time to carve a new path!

With social media at the forefront of our customer communication in the digital world, we have always relied heavily on the face-to-face community connection with our customers we have grown to love over these last 20 years.

Since this new reality has begun to unfold, our connections are growing smaller, and so to serve the greater good of our community, we are making some changes.

What path has this led us and so many others down in these few short weeks? A deeper dive into how we can stay connected and continue to serve our customers in this new age.

So here is the start - an updated website with online purchase options, so our beloved coffee families can still get their essentials to navigate this new lifestyle.

We recognize many of our customers use our cozy little shop for many things, including their own mental health. Visits with friends, meetings and basic human interaction some of us only get during our daily stop at our local coffeehouses.

Removing the thing our coffee families have come to enjoy as a heart-warming part of their day will be temporary, (albeit heart-breaking) and for now - this "new technology" of our website - we can find a bridge to connect us while we navigate this world together, in coffee.

Stay healthy, stay safe and stay caffeinated Cochrane.

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I would like if possible to have your recipe for the morning glory muffins! I live in Ontario and every time I visit my family in Cochrane I bring at least half a dozen home


Apr 05, 2020

I also had a question. Is the perc grind what I would order for a French Press pot? I have the large 64oz pot from Planetary Design like the ones you use in the cafe. Thanks!


I would like to order some of your beans but before I do, I'd liket to make sure I order the same bean that you use for your espresso at the coffee shop. Would that be your "house espresso"? Thanks

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